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Estate planning is more than just leaving an inheritance. It’s about the continuing your legacy. This means passing along your finances and valuable assets to those we love. That’s why our team is especially sensitive to the concerns of your personal finance wishes.

We believe the foundation of successful estate planning is long-term vision, careful planning and meticulous follow-through. Our financial advisory team will design a strategy that enables you to maintain your current lifestyle while preserving your commitment to the people and causes you cherish most. Contact us today to start your personalized estate plan with Phoenix Asset Advisors.


Creating an Inventory: First, we will perform an comprehensive inventory off all of your assets and debts. This allows us to effectively build and implement an effective estate plan that will ensure all of your assets, debts and last wishes are documented.

Asset Protection Strategy:  A key component of estate planning is protecting your assets for heirs and your charitable legacy by minimizing expenses, and covering estate taxes while still meeting your goals. If necessary, your estate plan will include specific strategies for transferring or disposing of unique assets like a family-owned business, real estate, investment property, or stock held in a business. Our goal at is to create a strategy that ensures your assets are safeguarded.

Appoint Fiduciaries: To successfully execute your estate plan, you must designate a person to act on your behalf if you are unable to do so — as an executor of your will, trustee for your assets, legal guardian for your dependents and/or personal representative or power of attorney if you should became incapacitated. You need to be sure your fiduciaries are aware of and agree to their appointments, and that they know where to find your original estate planning documents. Fiduciaries can be family members, personal friends or hired professionals such as bankers, attorneys or corporate trustees.


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